Creating A Drip Marketing Funnel

Over the past month, I’ve been working on a really cool content funnel campaign. Not my first, but this one stood out because of how well everything eventually came together.

The Client

I was contracted by McClure Tables, a high-end shuffleboard table manufacturer and retailer located in Michigan. These guys do serious business! They supply custom shuffleboards to both residential and commercial buyers all over the world. What makes them special is that their tables are 100% handmade in America using supplies right from their backyard in the Midwest.

Project Background

McClure Tables was facing problems with their current drip marketing system. They did have automated campaigns in place, but the content was in need of a serious update, list segmentation needed fine-tuning, and the content streams were not nearly long enough. It should be said that McClure wasn’t having any issues getting users to sign up, in fact, they were/are doing this really well. However, once signed up, the subscribers were not funneled into any meaningful content streams. This was a big pain point because the buying cycle for this type of high-end shuffleboard table could last anywhere from 2-12 months. McClure Tables was in need of a way to push consistent and relevant content to the right people over long periods of time. Doing so would keep subscribers interested and set up opportunities to send out promotional material to a more active list.


  1. Create a “hot lead” content funnel designed in response to the request of a shuffleboard table “Buying Guide”
    1. This funnel was targeted at the hottest leads for the business, so a primary focus was motivating a purchase.
  2. Create an extended content funnel designed to keep more passive subscribers interested in McClure Tables for up to 12 months
    1. This funnel targeted more passive subscribers, but we needed the list to remain warm in order to tee up eventual marketing messages.

The Process

Starting out, we had a big leading advantage because there was already some framework in place. Some segmentation had been done and there were some drip campaigns in place. The client knew what they were aiming at, which helped get the revamp headed in the right direction.

The second and much bigger advantage was that the client has a massive library of content. I am not exaggerating either. There have to be at least 100 different articles discussing everything you could think of about shuffleboard from installation instructions or tips on picking out a teammate. All of this was readily available on their blog. Plus, they had video content! I could not have asked for a better head start.

Once I had direction and a content source, the next biggest hurdle was formulating how all of this was going to work together. Below is an image of the general workflow that was created for the new drip campaigns.

End Product

When finished, we created 4 email campaigns. All of which, feed into each other. This ensures that the subscribers are constantly being either warmed up for a sale or teed up into an offer that eventually leads to a sale. The best part about all of these funnels is that they are, for the most part, hands-off and automated. The client basically has to just keep getting subscribers into each funnel, which he was already doing a great job of. The content machine does the rest.

Furthermore, we laid out the groundwork for a really cool remarketing advertising campaign that will help feed more people into the email campaigns. This was a sort of bonus that came about as I worked on the funnels. The general idea is that we tag non-buying website traffic and then use display ads to showcase the offers that get people into the content funnels. This helps by shrinking the leakage of non-acting website traffic. If we can get more people into the funnels, then more sales are bound to happen.


I was super grateful to have worked on this project. I actually still keep in touch with McClure Tables and help upkeep the campaigns for them. I look forward to more funnel projects like this in the future!


What about you? Have any thoughts on email marketing or content funnels? Let me know in the comments below.




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