It’s official. “DON’T FEED THE TROLLS” is now legitimate business advice!

Sharing a really interesting article from the American Marketing Association and Medium discussing how to outsmart trolls when conducting a social media chat.
So many people fall into the trap of “feeding the trolls” and then wonder why their feeds get blown up with counterproductive content.
You have to recognize that social media platforms use algorithms that are heavily based on engagement and there isn’t an easy way to define what good engagement and bad engagement are. What ends up happening is that ANY form of engagement results in a bump up the feed.
From the article:
“During the Twitter chat, the sponsoring organization only responded once to an anti-vaccination tweet, but the anti-vaccination advocates engaged with this same tweet more than 70 times. Despite this attempt to overwhelm the conversation with anti-vaccination content, the anti-vaccine tweets ultimately comprised only 3% of tweets and just 1% of overall impressions. The sponsor organization’s decision not to engage with the anti-vaccine content, on the other hand, resulted in 15% of tweets and 12% of overall impressions being on-message and ultimately achieving the aim of the chat: to communicate the benefits of family vaccination.
The message here to brands, initiatives or campaigns considering conducting an activation in social media on a topic that may be controversial is that you should not get involved in emotional arguments you can’t win. In short, do not “feed the trolls.” This only provides antagonists with a larger platform through which to amplify their message. By not engaging, you can minimize the visibility your vehicle gives to these counter messages. An alternative strategy to manage this content is to ask individual experts to engage or intervene on your behalf.”
I highly suggest checking out the full article and taking lots of mental notes.
How can your next social media engagement activity be different?
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